Making a Formal Report

Who is this guide for?
This guide provides information about the formal report to College process for breaches of the Respectful Relationships Policy and Code of Conduct.
You might:

  • Be seeking further information
  • Be considering making a formal report
  • Have made a report
  • Have had a report made concerning you

What is a formal report?
​A formal report is a request to College by a College member to formally investigate a potential breach of the Respectful Relationships Policy or Code of Conduct.

The investigation seeks to ensure fairness and transparency, whilst maintaining confidentiality, privacy and safety for all involved.

Who can make a formal report?
Any College member who believes that the Respectful Relationships policy or code of conduct has been breached can make a formal report to College.

How do you make a formal report?
If you wish to make a formal report, you need to approach one of the following College Members

  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Respectful Relationships Officer

Making a formal report will trigger a formal investigation by College.

What are some of the possible outcomes of a Formal Report?

  • No further action
  • Pay a fine
  • Be banned from events
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

What happens when a formal report is made?

  • The Principal immediately acts on any safety risks
  • The Principal appoints an investigator
  • The Principal will take no further action until the investigation is completed
  • The responding party is informed that a formal report has been made concerning them
  • A safe and private interview space is chosen (on or off site)
  • The reporting party is interviewed first (if possible)
  • All other involved parties and witnesses are interviewed individually by the investigator
  • The investigator will make written notes during the interview
  • Copies/screenshots of any communication relating to the incident may be requested
  • Individuals may be interviewed more than once
  • The investigator writes a report with recommendations for the Principal
  • The Principal makes a formal report to Council
  • The Responding Party may make a written submission to the Council
  • The Council deliberates on advice from the Principal.
  • The outcome is reported to the reporting and responding parties and the College community if needed

Who will be the investigator?
The Principal will appoint one of the Respectful Relationships Officers to be the investigator.

What will the investigator do?
The investigator will write a formal report with report findings. The report will

  • Detail the incident/s
  • Find whether the incident/s occurred or credibly could have occurred
  • Make recommendations

Will College contact the police?
No. We will not contact the police, within the bounds of safety. Any investigation by College is not a criminal investigation and is not legally binding. We will support you if you choose to make a police report.

Will the investigation be confidential?
The investigation, any copies or screenshots of communication, the investigator’s report, the formal report made to Council and the Council’s decision are all confidential, within the bounds of safety. They will not be shared with anyone unless someone is at risk of harm.

Who can I ask for support or further information?
You can approach anyone at College who you feel comfortable talking to but here are some suggestions.