Making an Informal Report

Who is this guide for?
This guide provides information about the informal report to College process for breaches of the Respectful Relationships Policy or Code of Conduct.
You might be

  • Seeking further information
  • Considering making an informal report
  • The Reporting party of an informal (have made a report)
  • The Responding party to an informal report (have had a report made concerning you)

What is an informal report?
An informal report is a request to College by a College member to informally investigate a potential breach of the Respectful Relationships Policy or Code of Conduct.

It is a chance for you to discuss what happened and look at options for restoring your sense of safety, fairness and allowing those who have been involved the chance to understand how their actions have affected you.

An informal report does not go to the College Council and will only be discussed with the Principal in general terms. As result it will not result in significant penalty from College for College members (i.e. suspension, exclusion). Students’ Club may decide on a penalty (i.e. exclusion from student club events or a fine.)

Who can make an informal report?
Any College member who believes that the Respectful Relationships policy or Code of Conduct has been breached can make an informal report to College.

How do you make an informal report?
You can approach any Respectful Relationships Officers, Pastoral Leaders or a trained senior student member of College and make an informal report to them.

What happens when an informal report is made?
With the help of one of the Respectful Relationships Officers, Pastoral Leaders or a trained senior student member of College, you can decide on what the best course of action is for you.
Outcomes of the process may result in

1. No further action
2. A confidential discussion to discuss options. This can occur with a member of the Pastoral Leaders, Respectful Relationships Officers or a senior trained senior student
3. A chance for you to let those involved understand the impact through direct conversation.  This can be

  • In person without support
  • In person with senior student support
  • In person with Respectful Relationships Officer

4. A chance for those involved to hear how the situation has affected others in the community. This can be done by


  • Respectful Relationships Officer
  • Pastoral Leaders
  • A trained senior student

5. Changes to policy because of the incident
6. A formal report
7. Another outcome

A college member confidentially reported to a senior trained student that they were offended by the colloquial use of the word ‘gay’ to portray something that was ‘weak’ or ‘lame’ in student club meetings.  The trained student was then able to privately feed this back to the students using this term, who were unaware of the impact and very happy to change their language to ensure that others in College weren’t offended.

Who can I ask for support or further information?
You can approach anyone at College who you feel comfortable talking to but here are some suggestions.