Respectful Relationships Introduction Guide

Who is this guide for?
This guide provides information on the Respectful Relationships Policy and the options available to you to respond to breaches of this policy or the Code of Conduct. We seek to support and empower you through our policies.

Summary of the Respectful Relationships Policy

  • All College members are expected to maintain respectful relationships always and in all circumstances.
  • Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, assault, indecent assault and sexual assault are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • All College members are expected to actively seek informed consent in their interactions with others and respect when it is not given or withdrawn.

Support Options
At any time, you may choose to

  • Seek counselling and support at College
  • Seek counselling and support outside of College
  • Seek further information
  • Seek no further support
  • Discuss with family and friends
  • Obtain medical assistance including a sexual health check-up and/or emergency contraception
  • Whatever you choose we will support you.

Support at College
You are welcome to approach anyone in the College community who you feel comfortable talking to. For breaches of the Respectful Relationships Policy, you might like to talk to

  • Respectful Relationships Officers -Vice Principal, Director of Advancement, Director of Operations, Chaplain, Senior Tutor
  • Pastoral Leaders
  • Trained senior students

All matters relating to breaches of the Respectful Relationships Policy will be considered confidentially, sensitively and respectfully. Any issue you raise will be confidential within the bounds of safety. What you say will not be shared with anyone unless someone is at risk of harm.

Reporting Options
At anytime, you may choose to

Whatever you choose we will support you.

Anonymous Report
By making an anonymous report you may add to other information which can help us to act to ensure that St Andrew’s is safe for everyone. Click here to make an anonymous report.

Informal Report
An informal report is a chance for you to discuss what happened and look at options for restoring your sense of safety, fairness and allowing those who have been involved the chance to understand how their actions have affected you.

Formal Report
Making a formal report will trigger a formal investigation by College. When the investigation is complete, a final report will be given to the College Council who will then decide to act on any of the report’s recommendations (e.g. suspension or expulsion). The Council’s decision is final.

Reporting Party
A Reporting Party is any College member/s who makes a report to College concerning the behaviour of another person/s.

Responding Party
A Responding Party is any College member/s who has had a report made concerning them.