Supporting Person Guide

Who is this guide for?
This guide provides information for anyone who is the supporting person for someone involved with a formal report for breaches of the Respectful Relationships Policy.

What is the supporting person’s role?
The support person can:

  • Be present to offer support to the reporting or responding party
  • Be present at the time of interviews as support if desired
  • Assist in the access of professional supports
  • Suggest that an interview be paused if the interviewee needs a break, is too distressed or for any other genuine reason
  • Cannot  take part in the investigation
  • Cannot offer opinion or information regarding the investigation
  • Cannot be either a reporting or responding party

How can I support someone who is considering make a report?

  • Ask the person you are supporting how they can be assisted and allow them to be in control of what action they take
  • Help the person you are supporting access professional support if and when they feel they need it
  • Provide the person you are supporting with information if and when they feel they need it
  • Help the person you are supporting  to access information if and when they feel they need it

Can I refuse or withdraw from being a support person?
Yes. You may refuse or withdraw from being a support person at any time.

Can I seek support for myself?
Yes. You can seek support for yourself for any reason, if you find yourself distressed or upset or if you find the role or information you have is difficult to manage. Don’t forget that supporting someone who has suffered a traumatic event can be traumatic for support people.

Will the investigation be confidential?
As a support person, you are required to keep the information you have confidential, within the bounds of safety. You must not share the information you have with anyone unless someone is at risk of harm.

Remember ALGEE
Approach, assess, assist in any crisis
Listen non-judgmentally
Give support and information
Encourage professional supports
Encourage other supports

Who can I ask for support or further information?
You can approach anyone at College who you feel comfortable talking to but here are some suggestions.