Who to Talk to: Advice, Support and Information at College

Our priority is maintaining the safety, health and well being of everyone at College. We are here to support you. The No Wrong Door Policy means that if you have any questions or would like to talk to someone you can contact anyone in the College community who you feel comfortable talking to. Your needs and rights and those of our community are paramount and all enquires will be dealt with sensitively, confidentially and respectfully.

You may talk to anyone you choose in the College community. Here are some suggestions:

Pastoral leaders
Having a rough time at College? Feeling like you don’t fit in? Not sure how to get involved? Having health or wellbeing issues that impacting your life?  Feel you need additional support? Missing home? Need someone to chat to? Our Pastoral Leaders can help and all enquires will be dealt with sensitively, confidentially and respectfully.

Pastoral Leaders are student members of College who are strongly engaged with the student community. They live throughout College, including at our Australia Street Campus. We also have a dedicated member to support our non-residential members (Non-residential Liaison).

Trained senior students
To support the No Wrong Door Policy, all staff, Pastoral Leaders, and most Senior Students, including Mentors/Academic Buddies, Students’ Club leaders and Academic Area Tutors have completed physical and mental health first responder training and are happy to assist fellow College members.

 Respectful Relationships Officers
The role of the College Respectful Relationship Officers is to provide support and information to anyone in College who is concerned about any possible discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, assault, indecent assault or sexual assault.

These Officers can provide confidential information and support regarding the Respectful Relationships Policy and Procedures. They may also be appointed by the Principal to as the investigator of a formal report.

Our Respectful Relationships Officers are:

Dr Hester Wilson

(Vice Principal and Director of College Life)

Ian Smith (Director of Operations)

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